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Cities at Design Days Dubai 2017 ‘The City on Display’

posted on Jan 23, 2017

Cities at Design Days Dubai 2017 ‘The City on Display’

Cities Boutique, the region’s leading art, design and lifestyle store, is pleased to announce its participation in Design Days Dubai 2017, which will take place in Dubai Design District (d3), March 14 -17. Since its inception in 2008, Cities Boutique has been dedicated to bringing a new understanding and appreciation of design to the Middle East, as the dynamic concept store continues to take its clients on a creative journey through global design. This year’s exhibition at Design Days Dubai will draw its inspiration from urban architecture and the metropolis jungle of Dubai, creating a city on display through the artistic lens of three talented designers. ‘The City on Display’ exhibition will share modern interpretations of city constructions, focusing on geometric forms, linear shapes and industrial materials, giving a new perspective to the concrete castles and metallic skylines that we call home.

‘The City on Display’ exhibition will feature urban inspired creations from three talented designers. The world-renowned designer Nada Debs will be constructing brand new designs, made exclusively for the Cities’ exhibition, which will be unveiled during Design Days Dubai 2017. Also exhibiting are newcomers Stelios Mousarris a Cypriot conceptual designer, and Tarek El Kassouf a Lebanese architect, designer and urban planner.

Nada Debs will construct table designs that draw inspiration from the rugged yet delicate urban landscape of the Middle East, by evoking the rhythm and energy of the skyscrapers which surround us. Her collection of tables entitled ‘Steelscrapers’ are inspired by the composition of a skyline and the linear forms which emerge in the structure of each towering skyscraper. The ‘Steelscrapers’ collection sees her signature style of geometric shapes, designed in a new way to depict the linear forms which appear in the urban landscapes that we inhabit. Using industrial materials such as brass, copper, and acid treated steel she combines what is familiar to us, into an artistic understanding of our relationship with the modern metropolises and geometric contours which embody the contemporary Middle East. 

Stelios Mousarris will display ‘The Wave City’ table at the exhibition, which depicts a city skyline transformed into functional design, as the piece is both a table and a breathtaking work of art. The intricate details of the cityscape were created using 3D printing technology, and portray a unique perspective of a metropolitan landscape seen from all angles, as the cityscape is flipped upside-down and takes on a life of its own. The precision of each building is both powerful and captivating, and juxtaposes the sleek, smooth shape of the table. 

To accentuate this abstract understanding of urbanite city settings, ‘The City on Display’ will also feature lighting designs from Tarek El Kassouf, who creates bold, yet subtle creations, rooted in modern, linear design that fuse form and function into one innovative object. His Intersect, Lean, and Fracture lighting designs all take inspiration from the urban environment, and embody skyscraper like structures which are a fluid union of his architectural and design background. His light designs are constructed from materials such as brass and steel which further reinforce his industrial, futuristic style.


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